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Do I need to seal my patio?
Patio sealant

Sealing your patio help protect against water or acid erosion which repels water, liquids, and grime to keep your natural stone from deteriorating, as well as protect it against oil and grease. During cold winter months, when rain, sleet and ice are in abundance, a sealed patio will be less prone to frost or water damage until the spring.

Sealers can enhance as well as protect the natural quality of your stone from the elements. It extends the life and vibrancy of the paving, especially when it comes to a sealer which is formulated to amplify the natural finish of a stone.

If you apply the sealer too soon after the paving has been laid, the sealer may be undermined by the bonding materials. Jointing compounds and grouting must be fully set and dried before you apply sealing, otherwise debris and chemicals will interfere with the sealer.

With regular use and proper maintenance with a stone sealer, a paved area can look as good as new for many years.

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