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The benefits of using GFTK vdw 850 plus paving compound

GftK's vdw 850+ is a unique, Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar that is the global 'State-of-the-Art' for high performance and extremely durable paving joints for pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas, including for larger vehicles. GftK’s vdw 850+ is fully resistant to cleaning by high pressure water jetting and mechanical street cleaners, plus it is resistant to and prevents weed growth through the sealed joints and it eliminates damage by boring insects such as ants.

Characteristics / Advantages
  • Fast and cost-effective jointing

  • Clean, stain free surfaces

  • Self-compacting

  • Easy to use, ergonomic application

  • Wet-slurry flow applied

  • Can even be applied in the rain and at low temperatures

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Tough & abrasion resistant

  • Highly frost and de-icing salt resistant

  • Mechanical street cleaner & road sweeper resistant

  • Minimises the risk of trips and falls

  • Durable for a long service-life

  • Ideal for natural stone, concrete and porcelain paving

GftK's vdw 850+​ Paving Joint Mortar/Grout is designed for extremely fast self-compacting application, with no delays and no additional waiting even during periods of continuously wet weather and at colder temperatures. This is because the material can be applied in the wet, even in the rain and in cold
(non-freezing) conditions, as it will continue to cure and more quickly when the temperature increases again above 8-10 °C.

A big advantage of GftK's​ vdw 850+​ on UK paving projects is that its performance is not reduced by residual water and damp in the joints during application, unlike any form of traditional or prepacked cement based joint mortar which will shrink and then crack due to the change in water to cement ration. The vdw 850+​ does not shrink due to its unique water dispersed epoxy resin bound sand formulation.

GftK's​ vdw 850+​ is the ideal paving jointing mortar for use with natural stone, reconstituted stone and concrete block, slab and other paving surfaces, including porcelain tiles, terraces and driveways, paved roadways and pavements.

The mortar is supplied in 2 components including epoxy pre-coated sand to which the hardener is added and mixed to achieve colour and consistency. The freshly mixed mortar is then easily and quickly applied to the
pre-dampened surface. Then moved around by rubber squeegee where it effectively self-compacts into the joints with the aid of more water from a hose. After an initial few minutes to allow any excess water to drain and the mortar to compact into the joints, the area is cleaned off and finished using a fine fan of water from a hosepipe, then any residue is removed with a clean, soft bristle brush.

As GftK's​ vdw 850+​ can be applied during wet weather, without waiting for the areas to dry after rainfall. It is non staining during application on most surfaces and even on very sensitive stone surfaces, which can be maintained by pre-sealing.

GftK vdw 850+ reacts, cures, and hardens quickly to provide a tough and durable, good looking and aesthetically pleasing paved surface, with no shrinkage cracking (as applies to all cement based mortars), and which is then excellent in preventing weed growth and stopping insects. The hardened vdw 850+ paving joint mortar is also suitable for cleaning with high pressure water-jetting, even by mechanical street cleaners and sweepers, plus it is fully resistant to the freeze thaw reactions from exposure to de-icing salts.

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